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I really appreciated the openness of the institute. The fact that all of the collaborators shared their curriculum, student work, and pictures with all of us helped make it concrete. I loved all of the quotes from Gever during his talks with us. It allowed me to realize how I want to allow more student voice in my classroom. I also loved being a learner and experiencing the struggles that my students face.
— Wendi Kruger, Alta Vista School SF

I found that the diversity of activities helped solidify the information that was discussed throughout the workshop. Hearing, seeing, doing and reflecting truly modeled the iterative Brightworks model. I appreciate the amount of networking and sharing time too. Even though the pace was accelerated, I feel that I had an authentic experience as a Brightworks student AND collaborator to this very exciting and evolving model.
— Beth Espinoza, San Francisco Friends School

Seriously, though, every aspect of the institute was not only meaningful, but so valuable to me. I really loved to opportunity to be in your space, and experience what it feels like to be in the shoes of a BWX student. I loved how you helped us understand the Arc by DOING it, by challenging us, by allowing us to struggle, and fail forward. I also really appreciated how you constantly did ‘temperature checks’ with us, and changed the course of the day based on our needs. I loved making connections, both with BWX collaborators and amazing educators from around the world!
— Gaylynn Nakamatsu, Punahou School - Honolulu Hi