Our Vision

Engaged Learning


How can we ask our students to take risks, be creative and make mistakes if we as educators are afraid to do the same?  Our mission is to give educators permission to think big, improvise and fail forward.  

The Institute has grown out of the insights and practices we’ve developed through our two educational experiments: Tinkering School and Brightworks.

Since the founding of Tinkering School, the summer Gever Tulley first put power tools in the hands of 8 year olds and built a roller coaster in his backyard, we’ve been discovering how much educators and kids are truly capable of when exploring the unknown together.  When you give kids real tools, real materials and tough problems they become deeply invested.

Brightworks endeavors to cultivate that authentic engagement in a K-12 context. Project work is structured by the cycle of exploration, expression and exposition that we call the Arc.  Educators come to school every morning ready to work alongside their peers and students to co-create original curricular content that is responsive and relevant. 

Over the past ten years of exploring, innovating and reflecting alongside students, we've gathered many insights and practices that we would like to share with the educational community.  



Life on Mars.  Educators work together to figure out how they will survive on the red planet

Life on Mars. Educators work together to figure out how they will survive on the red planet