The Arc

The Arc is the fundamental rhythm of a Brightworks education. With three major arcs each year, students move through a diverse course of study in a series of intensive immersions, emphasizing depth over breadth, integrating and contextualizing the development of skills and domain knowledge.



The beginning phase of the arc is Exploration, a time to delve into the fundamental questions about a topic – what is it? why is it important? – and also to expand skill bases and introduce concepts through work with related experts as well as field research, structured games, and practice.



In the next phase of the arc, Expression, students build on what they learned in Exploration by creating anything from a structure or art object to an experiment, a research project, or a performance, centered around whatever facet of the arc topic has caught their intellectual interest. Collaborators and experts support students in project management, documentation, perseverance, collaboration, and specific skills to complete their project.



The final phase, Exposition, requires students explain their work to their community and themselves through written and oral presentations, question sessions, and demonstrations. In doing so they develop robust and flexible communication skills and integrate their most recent work into their continuing intellectual and social-emotional growth.